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Purchase and Sale

For our activities, we use long-term contacts with breeders' associations, business partners and processing companies not only in the Czech Republic but also from abroad. The main export destinations are Austria, Germany, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Lebanon.

Business center Podolí

Business Center Podolí

We are building a new business center with a new stable for different cattle categories in Podolí, which will be in operation from spring 2020.

Simmental heifers

We are professionals at what we do

Our staff has a long-term professional experience concerning purchase and sale of all cattle categories and breeds at home and abroad.

Animal transportation

Results of our work

CATTLE MARKET is a professional partner on the Czech breeding, fattening and slaughter cattle market.

We have been here for 12 years

Trading company CATTLE MARKET Ltd. (founded in 2007 by the Czech Fleckvieh Breeders Association) is a proven company on the Czech breeding, fattening and slaughter cattle market.

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